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21 Ufa Egyptian Flour. M
22 Uftzi Basque Sky. M
23 Ugbjom Norse War bear. M
24 Ugo Teutonic Spirit. M
25 Ugutz Basque Name for John the Baptist. M
26 Uherto Teutonic Intelligent. M
27 Uigbiorn Norse War bear. M
28 Uileog Teutonic Resolute defender. M
29 Uilleam Gaelic Helmeted. M

30 Uilliam Teutonic Resolute defender. M
31 Uisdean Gaelic Intelligent. M
32 Uisdean Teutonic Intelligent. M
33 Uiseann Latin Conqueror. M
34 Uistean Irish Variant of Euston: Heart. M
35 Uistean Teutonic Intelligent. M
36 Uja Indian Grow. M
37 Ulai Biblical Strength, fool, senseless. M
38 Ulam Biblical The porch, the court, their strength, their folly. M
39 Uland Teutonic Fom the noble land. M
40 Ulf Swedish Wolf. M
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