Popular Yiddish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Amira Yiddish Grain. F
2 Breindel Yiddish Blessed. M
3 Breine Yiddish Blessed. M
4 Chasya Yiddish Shelter. F
5 Chasye Yiddish Shelter. F
6 Herschel Yiddish Deer. M
7 Hershel Yiddish Deer. M
8 Hirsch Yiddish Deer. M
9 Kyle Yiddish Victorious. M

10 Lantz Yiddish Lancer. M
11 Leib Yiddish Lion. M
12 Minah Yiddish Bitter. F
13 Mindel Yiddish Bitter. F
14 Minna Yiddish Bitter. F
15 Mirel Yiddish Bitter. F
16 Mirka Yiddish Bitter. F
17 Mirke Yiddish Bitter. F
18 Raisa Yiddish Rose. M
19 Raysel Yiddish Rose. M
20 Reina Yiddish Clean. F
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