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121 Utathya Indian Name of a wise man. M
122 Utbah Muslim Old Arabic name.. M
123 Utgard Loki Norse A mythical king of the giants. M
124 Uthai Biblical My iniquity. M
125 Uther ArthurianLegend Arthur's father. M
126 Uthman Egyptian A friend of Muhammad. M
127 Uwais Muslim Small wolf.. M
128 Uwe Teutonic Universal ruler. M
129 Uz Biblical Counsel, words. M

130 Uzai Biblical He M
131 Uzair Muslim The Biblical Ezra is the English language equivalent.. M
132 Uzal Biblical Wandering. M
133 Uzumati NativeAmerican Bear (Miwok). M
134 Uzzah Biblical Strength, goat. M
135 Uzzen-sherah Biblical Ear of the flesh. M
136 Uzzi Biblical My strength, my kid. M
137 Uzziah Biblical The strength; or kid; of the Lord M
138 Uzziah Hebrew God is mighty. M
139 Uzziel Biblical The strength; or kid; of the Lord M
140 Uzziel Hebrew God is mighty. M
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