Popular Armenian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Antranig Armenian First born. M
2 Armen Armenian Armenian. M
3 Artaxiad Armenian Name of a king. M
4 Athangelos Armenian Name of a historian. M
5 Avarair Armenian From Avarair. M
6 Avedis Armenian Brings good news. M
7 Bedrosian Armenian Descended from Peter. M
8 Boghos Armenian Armenian form of Paul. M
9 Dickran Armenian Name of a king. M

10 Dikran Armenian Name of a king. M
11 Eznik Armenian Name of a fifth century philosopher. M
12 Garabed Armenian Forerunner. M
13 Ghoukas Armenian Armenian form of Luke. M
14 Hagop Armenian Armenian form of James. M
15 Haig Armenian From the hedged field. M
16 Haroutyoun Armenian Resurrection. M
17 Hovan Armenian God's gift. M
18 Hoven Armenian God's gift. M
19 Hovhaness Armenian God's gift. M
20 Hovsep Armenian Armenian form of Joseph. M
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