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21 Walidah Egyptian Newly born. F
22 Walidah Muslim Newborn.. F
23 Waliyya Muslim Holy lady. Saint.. F
24 Wallis English From Wales. F
25 Wallis Scottish Feminine form of Wallace: Welshman; stranger. Famous Bearer: Scottish hero Sir William Wallace (executed in 1305).'Welshman; stranger. F
26 Wanda German Family; Wanderer. F
27 Wanda Teutonic Wander. F
28 Wande German Wanderer. F
29 Wandis Teutonic Wander. F

30 Wandy German Wanderer. F
31 Waneta NativeAmerican Charger. F
32 Wanetta English Pale. F
33 Wann English Pale. F
34 Waqi Arabic Falling. F
35 Warda German Guardian. F
36 Warda Muslim Rose.. F
37 Wardah Muslim Variant of Warda: Rose.. F
38 Waseeme Muslim Variant of Wasime: Graceful. Pretty.. F
39 Wasime Muslim Graceful. Pretty.. F
40 Wava Slavic Stranger. Pet name formed from Varvara; the Russian form of Barbara. F
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