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801 Lyonya Latin Lion. M
802 Lyonya Russian Lion. M
803 Lyrica Latin Of the Iyre or song. M
804 Lysander Greek Liberator. Lysander is one of the main characters in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. M
805 Lysander Latin Liberator. M
806 Lysander Shakespearean A Midsummer Night's Dream' In love with Hermia. M
807 Lysanias Biblical That drives away sorrow. M
808 Lysias Biblical Dissolving. M
809 Lysimachus Biblical Scattering the battle. M

810 Lysimachus Shakespearean 'Pericles, Prince of Tyre' Governor of Mytilene. M
811 Lystra Biblical That dissolves or disperses. M
812 Lyting Norse Brother of Thorstein Torfi. M
813 Lyulf English A compound of the Old English words for 'flame' and 'wolf'. M
814 Lyulph English Variant of Lyulf: A compound of the Old English words for 'flame' and 'wolf'. M
815 Lyza English Abbreviation of Elizabeth and Eliza. M
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