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41 Hadhir Muslim Present. Attending.. M
42 Hadi Muslim Guiding to the right.. M
43 Hadid Biblical Rejoicing, sharp. M
44 Hadlai Biblical Loitering, hindering. M
45 Hadlai Hebrew Variant of Chadlai: Stop. M
46 Hadley English From the heath covered meadow. M
47 Hadon English From the heath. M
48 Hadoram Biblical Their beauty, their power. M
49 Hadrach Biblical Point, joy of tenderness. M

50 Hadrian English A variant of Adrian. Also, son of Adrian. M
51 Hadrian Latin From 'Hadrianus' meaning of Adria or 'of the Adriatic. Also 'dark,' a variant of Adrian. Famous bearer: Roman emperor Hadrian ordered the famous Hadrian's wall be built across northern England. M
52 Hadrian Swedish Dark. M
53 Hadrien Latin Dark. Variant of Adrian. In the 2nd century AD Roman Emperor Hadrian caused the Hadrian wall to be built in Britain. M
54 Hadwin English War friend. M
55 Hadwin Teutonic Friend in war. M
56 Hadwyn English War friend. M
57 Hadwyn Teutonic Friend in war. M
58 Haefen English Safety. M
59 Haele English Lives in the hall. M
60 Haemon Greek Son of Creon. M
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