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1121 Ezel Biblical Hoing abroad, walk M
1122 Ezem Biblical A bone M
1123 Ezequiel Spanish God strengthens. M
1124 Ezer Biblical A help. M
1125 Ezer Hebrew Help. M
1126 Ezera Hawaiian Variant of Ekela: Help. M
1127 Ezera Hebrew Variant of Ezra: Help, helper. M
1128 Ezhno NativeAmerican Solitary. M
1129 Ezion-geber Biblical The wood of the man M

1130 Eznik Armenian Name of a fifth century philosopher. M
1131 Ezra Biblical 'Help, court' M
1132 Ezra Hebrew Help, helper. Famous bearer: Ezra was a 5th century BC religious reformer in the Old Testament; American poet Ezra Pound. M
1133 Ezrah Hebrew Help. 5th century BC Jewish priest and scholar Ezra wrote three biblical books and began compiling and cataloging the Hebrew Scriptures that later formed the Old Testament. M
1134 Ezri Biblical My help. M
1135 Ezri Hebrew Variant of Ezra: Help, helper. M
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