Popular Russian names for girls and boys

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181 Vassily Russian Royal. M
182 Vasya Russian Royal. M
183 Viktor Russian Victor. M
184 Vitenka Russian Victor. M
185 Vladik Russian Peaceful or has glory. M
186 Vladislav Russian Has glory. M
187 Vladmir Russian Has peace. M
188 Vladmiri Russian Has peace. M
189 Vladya Russian Peaceful. M

190 Volody Russian Peaceful. M
191 Vyacheslav Russian Has glory. M
192 Yakov Russian Supplanter. Variant of Jacob. M
193 Yaremka Russian Appointed by God. M
194 Yasha Russian Defends man. M
195 Yerik Russian Appointed by God. M
196 Yura Russian Farmer. M
197 Yuri Russian Variant of George. M
198 Yurii Russian Farmer. M
199 Yurik Russian Farmer. M
200 Yurochka Russian Farmer. M
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