Popular English names for girls and boys

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41 Aelfdene English From the elfin valley. M
42 Aelfraed English Elf counselor. F
43 Aelfraed English Sage. M
44 Aelfric English Elf ruler. M
45 Aelfthryth English An Old English name formed as a compound of aelf, meaning elf, and thryth, meaning strength. F
46 Aelfwine English Friend of the elves. F
47 Aenedleah English From the awe inspiring one's meadow. M
48 Aenescumb English Lives in the valley of the majestic one. M
49 Aerwyna English Friend of the sea. F

50 Aescby English From the ash tree farm. M
51 Aescford English Lives by the ash tree ford. M
52 Aescleah English Lives in the ash tree grove. M
53 Aesclin English Lives at the ash tree pool. M
54 Aesctun English From the ash tree farm. M
55 Aescwine English Spear friend. M
56 Aescwyn English Spear friend. M
57 Aesoburne English Lives near the ash tree brook. M
58 Aethelbeorht English Splendid. M
59 Aethelbeorn English Noble warrior. M
60 Aethelberht English Noble or bright. M
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