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301 Vortimer ArthurianLegend Vortigem's son. M
302 Vova Slavic Universal ruler. M
303 Vrba Czechoslovakian Willow. M
304 Vrishni Indian Manly. M
305 Vritra Indian A demon. M
306 Vromme Dutch Wise. M
307 Vruyk English From the fortress. M
308 Vsn Eych Dutch From the osk. M
309 Vsnderveer Dutch From the ferry. M

310 Vsndyke Dutch From the dike. M
311 Vukan Latin God of fire. M
312 Vyacheslav Russian Has glory. M
313 Vyacheslav Slavic Glory. M
314 Vyasa Indian Name of a poet. M
315 Vychan Welsh Small. M