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21 Jabari Egyptian Brave. M
22 Jabarl African Valiant. (Swahili). M
23 Jabbar Arabic Mighty. M
24 Jabbok Biblical Evacuation, dissipation, wrestling. M
25 Jabesh Biblical Dryness, confusion, shame. M
26 Jabez Biblical Sorrow, trouble. M
27 Jabez Hebrew Pain. In the Old Testament, Jabez was so named because he was borne by his mother in pain. M
28 Jabin Biblical He that understands; building M
29 Jabin Hebrew God has built. A Biblical name. M

30 Jabir Arabic Comforts. M
31 Jabir Muslim Consoler. Comforter.. M
32 Jabneel Biblical Building of God. M
33 Jabneh Biblical He that understands; building M
34 Jabraan Muslim Variant of Jabran: Penalty. Reward.. M
35 Jabran Muslim Penalty. Reward.. M
36 Jacan Hebrew Trouble. A Biblical name. Jachin. M
37 Jace Greek Variant of Jason: a healing. M
38 Jacek Polish Alas. M
39 Jachan Biblical Wearing out, oppressing. M
40 Jachin Biblical He that strengthens and makes steadfast M